Case Study: Scaling SaaS Business with’s B2B Lead Generation

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Prospectful Case Study: Scaling SaaS Business


When Statistok SaaS, an emerging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, hit a growth plateau, they knew something had to give. Struggling to generate enough leads to fuel their sales, they turned to the expertise of, the go-to solution for AI-driven B2B Lead Generation.


Statistok SaaS grappled with:

  • Limited Internal Sales Resources
  • Stagnant Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Poor Conversion Rates from Traditional Lead Gen Efforts


  • Double the number of high-quality leads in 3 months
  • Achieve at least 50% growth in MRR within 6 months


Strategy: offered Statistok SaaS a tailor-made lead generation and outreach strategy that involved:

  1. Identifying the Ideal Audience: AI algorithms to focus on decision-makers and companies who could greatly benefit from Statistok SaaS.
  2. AI-Personalized Outreach: Customized, targeted cold emails and follow-up communications to increase engagement and conversions.
  3. Sales Funnel Optimization: Using AI-based analytics to continually refine and improve the sales process.


  1. Week 1-2: Creating email accounts, registering domains, and warming up.
  2. Week 3-4: AI-powered Personalization and Follow-ups.
  3. Month 2-6: Continuous Optimization and Scaling.



  • Quality Leads: A 120% increase in qualified leads within the first month.
  • High Engagement: Unprecedented open and click-through rates that far exceeded industry averages.


  • MRR Growth: A 60% increase in MRR in just six months.
  • Expanded Customer Base: A 45% increase in customer base, including expansion into new verticals.


Our partnership with revolutionized how we think about sales and lead generation. Their AI-driven approach took us from stagnation to remarkable growth in just a few short months. Highly recommended!”

— Gill Shmuel, CEO,


Statistok SaaS serves as a compelling case study for the power of‘s AI-driven lead generation and sales automation. With measurable outcomes in quality lead generation and revenue growth, Statistok SaaS is a shining example of what’s possible when cutting-edge technology meets sales strategy.

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